“The nation behaves well if it treats its natural resources as assets which it must turn over to the next generation increased, and not impaired, in value.” -Theodore Roosevelt


Philanthropy, Stewardship & Partnership: for the Love of Our Parks

The Parks Foundation of Burlington seeks to inspire the spirit of stewardship and philanthropy for our community’s treasured parks and recreation assets for our residents and visitors.

The Foundation seeks opportunities for self-sustaining support that will not impose a burden on the City of Burlington’s Parks & Recreation Department’s annual operating budget.

Who We Are

The Parks Foundation of Burlington is an independent, 501(c)3 nonprofit organization formed in 2013 with the purpose to seek opportunities to enhance park assets and recreation programs in Burlington, Vermont through specific initiatives.

The Foundation

  • Is a separate entity, independent from the City of Burlington and the Parks & Recreation Department, formed as a tax-exempt non-profit charity governed by its Board of Directors.

  • Applies for grants for which government agencies are not eligible.

  • Solicits and accepts planned gifts that provide support for future improvements to our city’s recreational resources.

  • Acts as the umbrella fundraising organization for all Parks & Recreation philanthropy. This allows the great work of current friends and volunteer groups to continue to raise funds in support of their particular projects.

  • Prides itself on being the fiscal agent for the proper stewardship of those funds while maintaining the relationship with the City to assure the money raised is spent on appropriate projects.

  • Focuses on partnerships throughout the community to advance its mission.


Inspiration for the establishment of a dedicated parks foundation comes from many other municipalities and states across the country that have successfully accomplished the mission of increasing awareness of the importance of parks and recreational programming while at the same time increasing philanthropic support.

Board of Directors

John Bossange, Chair

Susan Moses, Treasurer

Brooke Gillman, Secretary

Sarah Muyskens

Scott Baldwin

Rick Blount

Peter Delaney

Gordon MacFarland

Paul Ode

Additional Support

The City of Burlington Parks & Recreation staff, led by Director and Ex-Officio Board Member Cindi Wight, provides direct support to the Foundation.


The signature project for The Foundation is the Burlington Bike Path Rehabilitation: a full renovation of the 8-mile shoreline recreational path. For more information on the multi-phase rehabilition project and to keep current on the latest developments, please visit www.btvbikepath.com.

Other major initiatives include the construction of a new waterfront skate park, the permanent conservation of the Arms Forest and Rock Point, the redesign and reconstruction of City Hall Park, scholarship endowment, and other community initiatives.

Contact the Foundation for additional information on all of these projects and more.

Contact Us

More Info

Thank you for your interest in The Parks Foundation of Burlington. If you would like more information on the Foundation, or our projects to support the parks of Burlington, please send an email to info@parksfoundationburlington.org


John Bossange, Chairman
The Parks Foundation of Burlington
645 Pine Street, Suite B
Burlington, Vermont 05401